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Good Neighbor Guidelines


Vista Redonda is a community of uncommon natural beauty and serenity. The Vista Redonda Property Owners’ Association (VRPOA) prepared these guidelines to remind residents and visitors of the importance of being a good neighbor. Our high desert home is a unique and fragile environment. Observing a few common-sense guidelines is the easiest way to maintain harmony and preserve and protect what we love about Vista Redonda.

• Respect for Neighbors –
Be friendly, courteous, and treat your neighbors and their property with respect. When issues arise, attempt to engage directly with your neighbor rather than approaching the VRPOA Board.

• Noise and Outdoor Lighting –
Be considerate of your neighbors’ right to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their property. All exterior lighting should be of a subdued nature and must not shine into neighboring properties.

• Maintenance of Property –
Pick up after yourself and keep your property clean, presentable, and free of trash or unsightly objects. When employing contractors, remind them to clean up the property at the end of each work day.

• Traffic Safety –
Observe the 25 MPH speed limit and stop at all STOP signs. Watch for pedestrians and give them some space. Driving too fast on gravel roads is dangerous and kicks up unnecessary amounts of dust. Remind your contractors to follow our traffic rules.

• Fire and Fireworks –
Fire is a constant and serious threat in our part of the world. Always monitor fireplace fires. Chimney caps don’t prevent all sparks from escaping, so spark arrestors are recommended, as is having your chimneys swept regularly. Monitor firepits and ensure that they are properly extinguished after use. If the Santa Fe County places a ban on fireworks, the community will be notified, and this information should be passed along to all guests and renters.

• Dogs & Cats –
Vista Redonda is a very dog-friendly community. However, dogs should not be allowed to wander the roads or other peoples’ property unattended. This violates a SF County ordinance. Most domestic cats are extremely vulnerable to the natural predators in the area, so it is advisable to keep them safe and inside.

• Tenants/Guests –
Vista Redonda property owners are encouraged to share these guidelines with their tenants and guests, who may be unaware of the special challenges of high desert living.