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The Vista Redonda Mutual Domestic Water Consumer's Association (VRMDWCA) currently maintains and operates a water system consisting of six wells, two water storage tanks and about 19,000 feet of 3" water main currently serving 67 residences in Santa Fe County, NM. There are service lines in place to serve a total of 83 lots in the future. Locations of the wells and home-sites are shown in Attachment 1. Attachment 1.

The Association has two existing storage tanks: a 29,000-gallon welded steel tank constructed when the water system was first built in 1969, and a 60,000-gallon bolted steel tank constructed in 1992. The tanks are located off NM 592 near the entrance to Vista Redonda. The Association in the beginning of 2021 funded a capital project to perform upgrades to the interior coating and joints and exterior paint and ladders on the existing two tanks.

Most of the 3" PVC water mains were installed in 1969. An 8-inch water line from the tanks to the "4-way stop" on Vista Redonda Road was added in 1992 when the second tank was constructed. These mains run under the County roads and connect to individual water meters generally located near the property line. In 2015, limited sections of the original PVC mains, installed in 1969, were removed and replaced. Inspection of the removed sections showed them to be in essentially new condition and should last for several decades.

The system operates with six wells located throughout the neighborhood and connects directly through a common line to each home and to the storage tanks. Pumps in each well are controlled by the water levels in the tanks.

Water Quality

Water produced by the Vista Redonda system is currently within all State and Federal (EPA) standards.

Water Rights

Vista Redonda MDWCA has a total of 44.08 acre-feet of approved water rights. This is more than sufficient for the future build out of all lots in the neighborhood.

Losses-Physical Condition of Water Mains

Year to date water losses in the Vista Redonda system were observed to be on the order of 7%. This is below average for most municipal water systems-indicating that our mains are in good condition.

Condition of Well-Production Capacity

The six existing Vista Redonda wells were drilled between 1968 and 2001 with an upgrade to well 3 pump in April 2021. Two of the wells-numbers 2 and 4-are over 40 years old and are likely to need re-drilling and replacement during the next decade. Sufficient capital reserves exist to fund this work.

Total annual consumption in 2020 was 28.66 acre-feet. Total existing well capacity is more than sufficient to supply this demand plus future growth.

Well System Overview (click to view pdf)
Well Numbers and Location (click to view pdf)